Community involvement


Our school was one of three secondary schools that participated in the launching of PEACE IS Foundation for peace in schools. The school will, on an annual basis, participate in PEACE IS initiatives.


Chess Club & Book Club    

USGF Interscholastic Board Games Competition

St. Maarten Academy encourages the cultivation of various skills in our students. To this end, the school supports the formation of educational clubs that are geared towards nurturing these skills. One such body is the Chess Club. Any student knowledgeable in this sport will be allowed to conduct daily, weekly or monthly games outside the stipulated examination period. The Book Club meets once a month and is led by the school’s librarian.activites2


Student Government Association


The St. Maarten Academy Student Government Association (SGA) falls under the umbrella of United Student Government Front (USGF). The latter body is made of the SGAs of most high schools on the Dutch side of the island. St. Maarten Academy’s SGA comprises of students who advocate for the rights of the general student population in an effort to promote the needs and wellbeing of all. A member of staff monitors the activities of the body and coordinates activities, in conjunction with school management. Meetings are held weekly and should be attended by two           representatives from each class.


The Bible Club

activites2Our school wants to nurture the religious beliefs of all students. As such, students are allowed to conduct worship during break of any chosen day during the week. Students gather in a classroom, sing songs, study the bible, and pray. A member of staff usually guides the sessions. All are welcome. Just ask around and you will be pointed in the right direction.


School Shows, Events and Competitions

The creativity and talent of students of St. Maarten Academy are often exceptional. As a school, we provide the setting to nurture these talents – whether it is during Easter, St. Maarten Day, or the month of February in celebration of the contributions made by black people locally and around the world. It is during these shows that our students shine musically, dramatically, athletically, and academically.

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Nb. There are a number of other burgeoning clubs. Just ask your homeroom teacher or school counsellors for more information.