Attendance and Puntuality

  1. Students must be on time for school and all classes. Students must be in school before 7:30a.m. Students must be in class before the second bell rings. In cases of emergencies and illnesses, students must report to the office and a tardy note will be given by the Vice-Principal.
  2. If a student is absent from school for unavoidable reasons, a written and signed excuse must be presented by the parent/guardian to the Homeroom Teacher upon return to school. If this is not done, your child will be sent to the Year Coordinator and you will be contacted.
  3. If an extended absence is anticipated, parents must contact the Truancy Officer of the Ministry of Education for permission. A copy of the permission letter must be presented to the Principal and Homeroom Teacher. The school will then make arrangements for assignments in all subjects to be given to the student. It is, however, the students’ responsibility to determine and follow-up on work missed.
  4. If a student is absent for an exam due to illness, a letter from the doctor must be submitted immediately to the school. If this is not done, the student will not be given a make-up exam.
  5. Students are not allowed to leave the premises during school hours, unless they have a written permission from the Vice-Principal or Principal.