Care for School Property

All students must show respect and care towards all school properties, including furniture, books, computers, lab equipment, and other materials belonging to the school, teachers, staff, and other for students


Students must note the following:

  • absolutely no writing on walls and desks inside or outside classrooms;
  • loitering is not permitted on campus, especially in the following areas:
  • outside the main entrance
  • in the courtyard
  • outside the main office
  • near staircases
  • in the bathrooms
  • behind any of the buildings, especially the Modern Languages building (Rooms 121, 122, 123 etc.)
  • the canteen
  • the side of the Gym
  • along the corridors


  • All restrooms must be used only for its intended purpose.
  • Students must take good care of all books. In case of destruction or damage to the school or other student’s or teacher’s property, an estimate of the cost for the damage will be sent to the parents of the student responsible for such damage. That student will not be allowed back in school until the damage has been paid for by his/her parent(s) or guardian.