Department of Student Care

The Department of Student Care comprises of compassionate, nurturing, dedicated, creative and cutting-edge facilitators. We provide premier counselling services and self-esteem building activities for the student population at St. Maarten Academy. This is done through the Mentoring and Guidance program, academic tracking, individual, family, group therapy, and preventive programs dealing with at-risk behaviors, in a caring, safe and encouraging environment. We partner with, and support Management, teachers, parents and the community at large so that students develop character, intellect, moral values, and social and civic responsibility to become effective and productive members locally, and in a global society.


The Department of Student Care offers the following services:

 Mentoring & Guidance Programme – Forms 1 & 2:

This programme provides:

  • Student Tracking – All students’ academic and behavioural performances are tracked. This information is shared with management, teachers, students and parents. Additionally, there are individual guidance lessons, character education, parent meetings when necessary, and workshops on various issues young people are facing.
  • Character education through ‘The Gift of Character’. These lessons are intended to impart morals and values to students by teaching them virtues such as, compassion, love, respect, and tolerance, to name a few.


 Therapeutic Programme:


Students and their families become a part of this programme after the School Board, Management, a teacher, their family refer them, or if the student seeks help for him-/herself. Students and/or their families will receive individual and/or family therapy, adolescent group counselling, parenting skills classes, or be a part of a social-emotional programme such as the ‘Life Building Skills programme’, ‘The Real Game’, etc.