Dress Code Boys


  • White polo shirt with S.M.A. school insignia engraved (available only at the school). Shirts must be tucked into pants.
  • Only plain white undershirt or gym shirt is allowed
  • Navy blue long cotton pants. (No jeans, no other colors)
  • White, black, or navy blue socks.
  • Only white, navy blue, or black closed toe shoes or sneakers with socks are allowed.
  • A navy blue, black, or white pullover sweater. (Optional, but advised if a child has to wear a sweater due to illness)
  • P.E.: blue shorts or blue running pants and S.M.A. school gym shirt, obtainable at the school’s office.
  • Black, brown, white, or navy blue belt. No other colors.
  • Low cut business haircuts (as shown in pictures).


N.B.  Students not adhering to dress code will not be allowed in school.

Strictly Forbidden for Boys:

–  Earrings, necklaces, wristbands                          –  Dreadlocks and plaited hairstyles

–  Long hair/ afro/ pony tails/ wigs                         –  Hair picks, caps, head coverings,

–  Gang paraphernalia                                                  hats, headbands

(Bandanas, coloured shoelaces, etc.)                  – Cuts/designs in eyebrows

–  Designer haircuts (Mohawks, inscriptions in hair, lines, etc.)

– Visible tattoos