Goals of St. Maarten Academy

1. Development of character and mind

a) To foster investigation and form an inquiring mind.

b) To read, write, and speak fluently and accurately.

c) To develop academic and social skills that will provide the base for the students’ future.

d) To communicate effectively in a second language.

e) To appreciate the beauty and aesthetics as reflected in nature and expressed in the art and culture throughout the ages.

f) To develop the unique character of each student.

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  2. Development of skills of a productive member of the economy of St. Maarten

a) To understand the requirements and opportunities for various jobs.

b) To learn good values and experience the satisfaction of good workmanship.

c) To judge efficiently the consumption of goods, standards for expenditures and related matters.

3. Development of civic and social responsibility

a) To understand and appreciate the social structures and governance systems in St. Maarten, the Caribbean, and the world.

b) To actively participate in the processes of democracy and representative government.

c) To respect the law and devotion to democratic ideals.

d) To know the history, geography, and social cultures of St. Maarten, the Caribbean, and the world.

e) To show respect for humanity, nature, and the environment.

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