A student is fully registered at St. Maarten Academy when the following conditions are satisfied:

1. The student’s profile/health records are received. Allergies/illnesses should be reported.
2. The Educational report of the student from the elementary school is received.
3. St. Maarten Academy registration form, with two passport photographs, is completed.
4. A Parental Contract is signed.
5. Student’s Census registration form is received.
6. Parental contribution is fully paid on/before the first official day of school.

The School Board establishes parental contribution and other fees for the academic year.

Parental contribution:

NAf. 500 per year per student. Rebates are available for second, third or fourth child attending the school at the same time, from the same household.

Textbook Rental Fees:

NAf. 270 per year per child for the use of textbooks. If a student damages or misplaces a book, he/she must pay for same.


Should a child withdraw from the school before the start of classes, only NAf. 570 of the total fee will be refunded. Refunds after the start of school will be prorated based on the time of withdrawal.

School shirts, P.E. T-shirts and Art books:

Can be purchased from the school’s office.