School Profile

school-entrance St. Maarten Academy is an independent secondary school located on the island of Dutch St. Maarten. Operating under Foundation for Academic and Vocational Education (FAVE), it emerged in 1974 as the first secondary school with English as the language of instruction. The school has two campuses – the academic section is located on L.B. Scott Road, while the vocational section is located in Ebenezer.


St. Maarten Academy offers quality education for challenged post-elementary students and provides a sound foundation for tertiary education, or the world of work. The school’s environment is one in which students can feel comfortable and thus, perform optimally. The principal and staff seek to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and continual development. At St. Maarten Academy, students experience the joy of caring, learning, achieving and excelling. This is our motto.


Both the academic and vocational sections have a diverse racial, ethnic, and national population of an average of 500 students on each campus. The school is fully accredited.